Dual learning to boost your entrepreneurship competencies and skills

R.E.MIND’s program will consist of three distinct activities, these activities have the objective of creating a user-friendly online training modules and all associated materials to facilitate the acquisition of soft skills and competences with the aim to stimulate knowledge creation and experience exchange in order to achieve a diversity of skills and competences for developing an entrepreneurial mindset in both students and trainers. In addition, the modules are followed up for students with an internship in order to apply the dual learning method, further allowing them to directly practice their knowledge as well as acquiring new knowledge and soft skills. Furthermore, before and after these two activities, the students will proceed to do a self assessment in order to evaluate and visualise their progress. As such, all project partners are actively participating within each activity as the results will be enriched through active collaboration work, discussion and exchanges about the situation and requirements in the different countries of the partnership. 

Thus, all the training material will be user-friendly to encourage and facilitate autonomous learning and the modules, program and notebooks will be translated into each partner’s country language. There will be a lot of opportunities for each student and/or trainers, to get the most out of the program and its various activities, further allowing all participants to get the opportunity to learn new and innovative entrepreneurship soft skills and competencies. 

Furthermore, the proximity that the internship provides allows the students to experience first hand the non theoretical elements of entrepreneurship and putting their knowledge at use, all the while allowing them to grow their network with potential future stakeholders.

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